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Dental Cleaning

Pet Dental

At Animal Oasis of the Rockies we start with a thorough oral exam and interpretation of Dental X-Rays by one of our doctors to determine what treatments are best for each individual tooth.  We offer Digital Dental X-Rays to ensure we have full visual of any dental disease under the gum line.  Tartar accumulates underneath the gum line, something we can't see during a routine check of the teeth.   

Comprehensive oral health assessment and treatments include:

  • Thorough exam
  • Pre-anesthetic blood work
  • Iv/Catheter – Fluid therapy
  • Gas anesthesia

Full Anesthesia Monitoring

  • EKG (HR)
  • BP
  • Temp
  • SPO2 (Blood O2 Saturation)
  • Respirations
  • Ultrasonic scaling above and below gum line
  • Probing each tooth – full evaluation for abnormalities such as Periodontal, mobility and other abnormalities.  
  • Digital dental radiography are taken to evaluate the root below the gum line which cannot be seen  as 60% of tooth is under gum line.
  • Fluoride
  • Sanos (optional)
  • Post-operative Care – medications and treatment plan
  • Post-Dental Home Kit with instructions