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Pet Surgery

Animal Oasis of the Rockies in Broomfield has a highly experienced veterinary surgical team that helps you and your pets when you need them most. Whether you're looking for a routine spay or neuter surgery, or your pet is having a major emergency and requires a more complicated procedure at an animal hospital, we're ready to assist.


Types of Pet Surgeries

Much like human surgeries, pet surgeries come in many forms. When it comes to veterinary medical issues, the most common surgical procedure for a pet is getting fixed so they can't reproduce. However, some pets may have accidents or develop conditions that require surgical interventions. Dental procedures are also common as pets get older and they need help with maintaining their teeth over time. Sometimes you can't save a tooth, so it needs to be pulled out.

In accidents that result in a severe limb break, a leg or a tail may need to be amputated. Other types of broken limbs may need splints applied, which is done under sedation because an animal may be in too much pain and would panic possibly injuring themselves worse in the process. Lastly, surgical removals of cancerous masses are another common way that a veterinarian helps pets.

What to Consider Before Getting Pet Surgery

If your pet needs surgery and it's not an emergency situation, you may need to do a little preparation ahead of time. For example, if your pet is older, you may need to get a senior blood panel done to confirm that the pet can go under anesthesia safely. In cat surgery and dog surgery, they typically aren't allowed to eat anything the night before the procedure. One reason for this is that vomiting while they are under sedation can be a life-threatening problem. If their stomachs are empty, then they won't have anything to bring up. Our talented team will tell you the exact steps you'll need to take ahead of surgery, to best suit your pet's unique circumstances.

You'll also want to get a quiet, warm place in your house ready for the post-surgery recovery process. When animals come out of anesthesia, they can't regulate their body temperatures and they might be drowsy, uncoordinated, and otherwise not quite aware of their surroundings and what's going on. For dogs, their crate is a great safe space to use so they can recover from this procedure. Cats may like a small room, such as a guest bedroom.

Schedule Your Pet for an Appointment

If your pet needs veterinary care and you live in the Broomfield area, call our veterinarian at (303) 900-7765. Animal Oasis of the Rockies is an animal hospital that you can trust with your pet’s health and well-being.