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Preventative Health and Vaccinations

Preventative Health and Vaccinations

If you’re looking for a way to keep your pet in good health year after year, bring him to Animal Oasis of the Rockies in Broomfield for preventative pet care. Our preventative pet care program includes such veterinary services as wellness exams, pet vaccinations, parasite control, diagnostics, dental care, nutritional and behavior counseling, and more. Here’s how preventative health care works to improve your pet’s health.


Wellness Exams

Wellness exams are designed to keep your pet healthy by detecting problems in their early stages. During a wellness exam, we’ll give your pet a physical checkup that includes inspecting his eyes, ears, mouth, nose, fur, and skin for signs of sickness or disease. We’ll also conduct blood tests to detect signs of infections, anemia, or problems with internal organs. If your pet is suffering from dermatology issues, we’ll perform skin tests to determine the cause, so he can get the appropriate treatment.


Pet vaccinations are part of preventative care. We offer core and non-core dog vaccinations and cat vaccinations to protect your pet against deadly diseases. Core dog vaccinations include rabies, distemper, hepatitis, and parvovirus. Core cat vaccinations include rabies, feline panleukopenia, feline herpesvirus, and feline calicivirus. As no two pets are exactly alike in their immunity against disease, our animal hospital will personalize your pet’s vaccination schedule to suit his age, size, and breed. In this way, we can provide the unique protection your pet needs.

Parasite Control

Parasites can wreak havoc in your pet’s life. Left unchecked, infestations can lead to more serious health issues. Your veterinarian will examine your pet for signs of parasites and, if needed, provide treatment. We’ll also recommend parasite medications to protect your pet from future infestations.  

Dental Care

Oral health is connected to your pet’s overall health. Left untreated, pet dental problems like abscesses and periodontal disease can lead to more serious medical issues. We offer annual dental exams and professional cleanings for dogs and cats to improve their oral health. Professional dental cleanings will remove plaque and tartar that can lead to periodontal disease.  

Spay/Neuter Procedures

Spay and neuter surgeries prevent unwanted pregnancies and litters. If you don’t have the time or financial resources to care for a litter of kittens or puppies, having your pet spayed or neutered is a viable option to eliminate the risk of pregnancy. By spaying or neutering your pet, you also help cut down on the number of unwanted pets in shelters in your local community.

Preventing disease or catching it in its early stages is far better than treating it once it has had time to progress to a more severe stage. Preventive health care on a regular basis will help you do just that, and save you and your pet from needless suffering and a larger financial burden. 

At Animal Oasis of the Rockies we offer many vaccines to help protect your pet from disease, including core vaccines such as Rabies, FVRCP, and DHPP, as well as other vaccines such as Feline Leukemia, Bordetella, Lyme and Leptospirosis. Talk to your veterinarian about which vaccines are suitable for your pet’s individual lifestyle. 

Annual exams for your pet can help prevent and treat underlying issues before problems get worse. We recommend semi-annual exams for all pets 6 years of age and older, as health issues tend to arise more frequently in senior animals. 

We offer a variety of tick, flea and heartworm preventatives to protect your pets. 

We also offer Junior and Senior wellness screening to screen for any underlying issues that will show up on blood-work before being noticed by clinical signs at home. We recommend that all pets 6 years of age or older begin yearly blood-work screening to pick up on disease processes so they can be managed before they becomes problems to your pets’ quality of life. 

In addition, Animal Oasis of the Rockies offers the following preventative health services:

  • Pre-Screening for underlying disease processes
  • Dental Disease Staging
  • Glaucoma and Blood Pressure Screening
  • Cardiac ProBNP Blood-work
  • Joint Health Recommendations 
  • Endocrine Disease Screening
  • Obesity and Nutritional Counseling

See Your Broomfield Veterinarian for Preventative Health Care

To schedule preventative care services or vaccinations for your feline or canine companion, call Animal Oasis of the Rockies in Broomfield at 303-900-7765 at your earliest convenience.