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What Do You Need To Care For A Puppy?

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What Do You Need To Care For A Puppy?

Caring for Puppies

Bringing a puppy in your life immerses you in a world of fun and joy. However, amid the excitement, welcoming a puppy in your home takes some work. If you find yourself unsure of what to do, you can rely on Animal Oasis of the Rockies in Broomfield, CO for advice.

How to Care for a New Puppy

When looking for a puppy, there are several factors to consider. For example, if your lifestyle is very active, you’ll want a puppy that can keep up. Another factor is what breed you want. You could get a purebred or mixed breed puppy, and a big or small puppy. Another important thing to decide is if you are getting your puppy from an animal shelter or a responsible breeder.

Now, when you finally settle on the puppy of your choice, you need to create a detailed care regimen for your new furry friend.

Prepare Your Home

Make sure that your home is safe for your pet. Keep away any electrical cords, toxic substances, medications, and breakable items that could harm your puppy. Properly puppy-proof your home to ensure that your puppy doesn’t go to places that it shouldn’t.

Essential Puppy Supplies

Your puppy will need a few items to keep it safe. First, a leash and a collar with identification are very vital in case your puppy gets lost. Bowls, toys, a bed, and a kennel or crate are must-have items for your pet. Some of these items can last as your puppy grows, but for others, you might have to replace them as your puppy grows.


Food choice can play an essential role in your puppy’s health. Conduct some groundwork to determine the proper diet for your puppy. You can also talk to our veterinarian to help you develop a meal plan.


Vaccines boost your puppy’s immunity, protecting it from deadly diseases. Talk to our team of professionals to learn which vaccines are necessary for your pet.

Keep Your Puppy Healthy at Our Animal Hospital

Before bringing your new puppy to your home, it’s vital to take it to our vet for a general wellness exam. This exam is essential for scouting any potential health concerns. At Animal Oasis of the Rockies in Broomfield, CO, our team of professionals can help keep your new puppy healthy. Whether it’s vaccines, regular checkups, or emergency care, we will help your puppy grow till adulthood. Call us today to schedule an appointment!