If you have an elderly dog or cat, you want to take steps to ensure they remain in the best health possible during this stage of their life. One step to undertake is to make routine appointments with us at Animal Oasis of the Rockies in Broomfield, CO, with a “veterinarian near me.” Our animal hospital provides well-visits, preventative care, and other services from a veterinary near you. Here are some actions to undertake to help to keep your pet feeling their best as they age.

Allow Your Pet To Take Their Time

During the older stage of your pet's life, they may require some extra time to get where they need to go. Often, dogs and cats suffer from arthritic conditions during the later stage of life. This means they need to walk slowly so they do not experience pain and discomfort. Do not encourage your pet to undertake extensive exercise if they have mobility issues.

Give Your Pet Assistance

To help your dog or cat avoid unnecessary distress, consider placing their food and water bowls at a higher level than they had previously. This helps them to keep their spine straight as they drink or eat, rather than needing to hang their head downward to obtain food or water. If your pet has trouble jumping onto a chair or bed, place a step nearby to make it easier for them. Use exit and entryways to your home with a minimal amount of steps, if possible.

Alter Your Pet's Diet

During the elderly years, your pet might require a different diet than they did when they were younger. Consult with a vet at our animal hospital to find out exactly what type of diet would be best for your pet.

Senior Wellness Examinations

Did you know that most pets are considered "senior" at 6-7 years of age?  At that time, their needs and requirements change, therefore we recommend seeing your pet more frequently.  It is not uncommon to see our "senior" furry friends at least twice a year to screen for additional underlying diseases that may have occurred since their last visit.  Some of the testing we suggest includes diagnostics such as blood-work, radiography, blood pressure checks, dental examination and/or cardiac evaluations.  Please call us today to schedule your Senior Wellness exam to ensure your pet stays happy and healthy!

Make Regular Pet Hospital Appointments

Your older dog or cat may need to see our vet more often than they did when they were younger. A vet on our veterinary team will alert you during a routine visit when to schedule another session. Keep pet hospital appointments, so your pet's health can continually be monitored. This way, if a problem arises, it can be addressed without delay.