At Animal Oasis of the Rockies in Broomfield, CO, we provide microchipping services to provide an extra layer of security to prevent your pet from becoming lost. Our veterinary staff is trained to implant microchips at our animal hospital. Learn more about microchipping below.

Microchipping Process

Microchipping is a simple, in-office procedure where a microchip is implanted below a pet’s skin. The microchip is about the size of a grain of rice, and when it's scanned, it contains an identification number that corresponds with the contact information you provide. The information is held in an online database that the manufacturer controls. You are contacted by whoever scans your pets once they have been found. 

Pets feel almost nothing during the process. It is completed using a hypodermic needle similar to any other injection your pet may get. Pets do not need to get anesthesia to receive a microchip, but some owners schedule it during another procedure, like a spay or neuter. Any veterinarian on our staff can perform a microchipping function. 

Other Things To Know About Microchipping

A microchip does not replace a dog collar, and they should be used together to help return your pets should they become lost. Also, a microchip is not a GPS, and it is useful when someone finds your pet. However, they are a great addition to dog collars that can become worn or fall off from wear. 

There is not much you need to do once your pet is fitted for a microchip. The most critical step is ensuring that your contact information is accurate. Microchips are not valuable unless the information is kept up to date. Make sure to update information should you move. 

You can check for any signs of infection a few days after the microchip procedure. There is a minimal chance, but it's always good to stay vigilant. We will also follow up with you after your pet's procedure to ensure everything goes smoothly.