Animal Oasis of the Rockies Offers Pet Preventative Care

Preventative care provides a variety of measures to help pets stay healthy, instead of waiting for them to develop a problem before going to the vet. These measures can help to extend your pet’s lifespan and provide them a better quality of life throughout the years. At Animal Oasis of the Rockies in Broomfield, CO, we offer a range of preventative measures for optimal pet care.

Wellness Exams

Wellness exams allow our vet to get to know your pet’s health status over a period of time. Our veterinarian can record changes in weight and condition that could indicate a health issue. In this way, small problems can be dealt with before they become larger health problems.

Spaying And Neutering

Spaying or neutering is one of the most important actions you can take as a pet owner to care for the health of your pet. These surgeries help to reduce the strain that over-population has placed on our local animal shelters. They also prevent certain forms of cancer that can affect the reproductive system. Thousands of spaying and neutering procedures are performed each year, with minimal risk to the animals.


Pets can acquire several diseases that are prevalent among the animal population. Vaccines are available to prevent these diseases, which can seriously impact your pet’s health. A regular schedule of immunizations will help to keep your pet safe from these diseases.

Flea And Tick Prevention

Dealing with a flea infestation can be a time-consuming and expensive event. The regular use of flea and tick prevention medications prevent these outbreaks, so your pet doesn’t have to deal with uncomfortable symptoms or the transmission of tick-borne diseases.

Parasite Prevention

Our vet provides testing to detect gastrointestinal pests and provides effective medications to eliminate them. Heartworms are transmitted through the bite of a mosquito and migrate to the heart and lungs, making your pet very sick. Regular use of heartworm medications prevents heartworm disease, so your pet can stay healthy.

Dental Care

As with people, regular dental care can help to maintain your pet’s health and quality of life. Our veterinarian will carefully check your pet’s teeth to detect problems and can offer teeth cleaning to keep teeth healthier longer.