As a pet owner, you have many responsibilities. One of these is helping to keep your pet healthy. Working with our Broomfield veterinarian will make this job a lot easier. At Animal Oasis of the Rockies, we offer preventive care services to help your pet stay in good health. This includes annual and semi-annual wellness exams.

Pet Wellness Exam

A pet wellness exam consists of an annual or semi-annual evaluation of your pet’s health. During an exam, our Broomfield veterinarian will record your pet’s size and weight for future reference and inspect his entire body for signs of health issues. We’ll monitor his mobility to see if he has problems with his joints and listen to his heart and lungs for signs of respiratory or cardio-vascular issues. We’ll also perform diagnostics like blood, urine, and fecal tests to uncover hidden health issues. 

Routine wellness exams enable us to monitor your pet’s health as he ages. It also helps our veterinary specialist uncover health problems in their early stages, before they escalate into major issues. Early detection and treatment can help your pet recover quicker from an illness. 

Senior Pets

Senior dogs and senior cats are at greater risk for developing health issues due to age. That’s why we recommend senior pets have bi-annual wellness exams. This gives us a chance to nip problems in the bud much quicker. Our animal hospital also offers additional medical services for senior pets to enhance their health. Dietary and lifestyle changes can help senior dogs and senior cats live longer, healthier lives. Our veterinary specialist may also recommend vitamins or other medications or treatments to improve his quality of life.

Importance Of Wellness Exams

Unlike people, pets can’t tell you when they’re sick. Some medical conditions don’t show symptoms until their advanced stages when extensive damage has been done. In addition, many pets hide their symptoms, making it difficult to know they need veterinary care. Through wellness exams, our Broomfield veterinarian can keep track of your pet’s health to help catch irregularities.

In some cases, we can prevent health issues by recommending dietary or lifestyle changes for your pet. If your senior pet is gaining too much weight, for example, he could develop diabetes or heart issues. By making changes to his diet and increasing his activity, we can avoid these serious health issues.