An Acupuncture Success Story

gybzGybz is a 12 ½-year-old English Chocolate Lab who has loved living an adventurous life! He has been on many road trips, and loves to camp and hike, but his favorite thing to do is swim! Gybz has swam in the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Pacific. 

Throughout his life, he has had some serious health issues that began with a herniated disc in his lumbar spine. Amongst other health issues, Gybz has also suffered from laryngeal paralysis and cancer in his hind leg.

Fortunately, the tumor was removed in 2018, but due to the size of the tumor, the vet had to take a significant amount of muscle from his leg. Even though the surgeons said he would not likely swim again, he has defied all odds and still loves a good lap or two. 

“In 2019, Dr. Stacey Huber began treating Gybz with Acupuncture and Aqua-Acupuncture (with vitamin B complex) in addition to prescribing a Chinese herbal supplement with great success! She has bridged the gap in his amazing recovery to keep him mobile and fully functional so he will be able to enjoy his prime years of living! Thank you for knowing what acupuncture spots and treatments he needs to keep him going inside and outside. We are so thankful to have you be a huge part of his ongoing recovery and success!!! You are the piece to his life we were missing! Here is to 15 years for Gybz!”

Thank you,
Sunny and Gybz